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Take Competency With You
Now, with our SkilSure Xpress app, you can quickly document and record your evidence on the go. You can store the evidence locally and encrypted on the device and upload it when you are ready. You can monitor your evidence status and other portfolio statistics as well.

Apprentice Progress Tracking

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Future!
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In April, the US government announced the investment of $90 million in federal funds to support apprenticeship programs. With $60 million in grants to state strategies expanding apprenticeship training programs and $30 million for industry partnerships in fast-growing and high tech industries, there's never been a better time to invest in your employees. Studies show that an employer can expect $1.47 in reduced waste, increased productivity and innovation for every dollar spent on apprenticeships.

Competency based training is what apprenticeship is all about, and tracking a worker's progress in attaining those competencies is what SkilSure is all about. Our customisable software helps employers to streamline the apprenticeship process by eliminating messy and complicated paper tracking systems. By breaking down the knowledge and technical skills a worker learns into concrete units and mapping their attainment, an employer can see in real time how effective the training is, and identify skills gaps. Using SkilSure's innovative mobile app, workers, supervisors, and journeypeople can upload evidence of learning linked to a specific competency, from anywhere at any time.


Track Hours and Competence

We make the changeover easy

We integrate with your existing data

  • Record Hours
  • Record Competency
  • Dashboard
  • Existing database integration
  • Integrated Testing
  • Easy to learn
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • 30+ standard reports
  • Eco Friendly

Streamlined for everyone

How can we help you?

SkilSure makes it quick and easy to track your learners' progress

  • Review & assess evidence of competency
  • Provide useful feedback
  • Store apprentices' learning hours and workplace activities
  • Sign off on capabilities
  • Receive notificiations when your apprentice makes progress
  • Communicate with your apprentice

As a Apprentice with SkilSure, you can:

  • Track your personal progress
  • Identify & address gaps in your skills
  • Access Learning Resources
  • Complete testing online, with SkilSure e-testing
  • Learn at your own pace, when it suits you

Using your QA Account on SkilSure, you can:

  • Receive email verification of assessment activity
  • Access detailed reports with up to 15 data points
  • Be notified of updates of sampling activity & outcomes
  • Utilise predictive sampling plans
  • Easily navigate user friendly progress reports
  • Save time, and maintain QA best practices

Using SkilSure as a centre manager, you can:

  • Reduce staff admin time
  • Reduce paper based waste
  • Automate record keeping, progress reports, & compliance reporting
  • Access live reports, anytime, anywhere
Expect this from us!
These are the real benefits you'll experience with SkilSure
Save Money
Capture Evidence
Review Reports
Verify Competence
Link to College
Upload anywhere, anytime
Work Offline
Safe & Secure

Knowledge Testing

Accurate, fast, and easy

Our Testing solutions combine learning and assessment in a way that is consistent with the principles of adult learning. The "open book" exam can be configured in a variety of ways depending on the requirements of the organization.

The solution is an online "open book" learning and testing experience with relevant learning resources available to the test-taker before they answer each question. It provides the opportunity for a registrant to use their experience and knowledge right out of the box.

The solution breaks down relevant content into chapters by category, allowing the software to report on success by category. Typically the registrant needs multiple attempts to acheive the 100% required to pass the test (but does not have to retake quiz items that have already been answered correctly). The software is flexible enough to allow the user to bookmark and leave in the middle of a chapter if they so desire. Questions can be verified one by one or the test-taker can answer all questions in a chapter and see feedback and links to learning resources at the end. The test-taker can check their success by category as well as by question. As each chapter is completed successfully, the software marks it as complete, logging the progress to date, so the users can see exactly what work they still have to do. The number of attempts per chapter is also logged.


Many useful standard reports (reporting real time data).

User-friendly graphical reports on learner/candidate activity and progress.

Detailed reporting in real time on learner/candidate progress (select up to 15 data-points from a relational database).

Custom reporting available (extra cost item).