Manulife Financial had substantial turnover in its claims adjudication processing unit. New employees were taking an unacceptably long time to achieve productivity and quality standards. The company wished to directly address this issue while improving customer awareness among new and existing employees and building a "knowledge" work culture.

The Solution

Manulife Financial contracted with us to do a front-end analysis.

The purpose of this analysis was to:

The strategy proposed was the development of a competency-based mixed media training and performance support system for claims adjudicators. We were contracted to implement the strategy.

Work Steps

The key work steps required:

Letter-Writing Module

Among the modules a specific deliverable was a web-based letter writing module (English and French). This widely acclaimed module was designed to fit the needs of those Manulife employees who had to interact with customers by email and by letter.

The Results

Reduced Cost

As a result of the new learning materials and the upgraded instructors, the average training time (and its associated costs) was reduced.

Increased Quality

The quality of the training, both in terms of learning outcomes and its perceived value for learners and instructors, was significantly increased.

Heightened Morale

The new training program resulted in improved morale among both groups and reduced the attrition among new hires.

Improved Performance

With the improved quality of the training there was a significant reduction in the amount of workplace support time required to mentor new hires. The reduction freed up more senior personnel for other claims processing work - this, combined with the faster ramp up of the new hires, increased the throughput of the claims being processed in the unit.