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Device Independant Usage

SkilSure is designed with a broad userbase in mind. Our solutions work across all devices and we employ the latest technologies in all of our applications.

Our solutions are secure, easy to use, and affordable.


Shift Training



Competency based training is what apprenticeship is all about, and tracking a worker's progress in attaining those competencies is what SkilSure is all about. Our customisable software helps employers to streamline the apprenticeship process by eliminating messy and complicated paper tracking systems. By breaking down the knowledge and technical skills a worker learns into concrete units and mapping their attainment, an employer can see in real time how effective the training is, and identify skills gaps. Using SkilSure's innovative mobile app, workers, supervisors, and journeypeople can upload evidence of learning linked to a specific competency, from anywhere at any time.

Custom Solutions

Customise to suit you!

Typical customisations include:

  • Evidence mapping
  • One-click reporting
  • Monitor candidate progress
  • Existing database integration
  • Integrated testing
  • Easy to learn
  • Skills gap analysis
  • 30+ standard reports
  • Eco-friendly

Expect this from us!

These are the real benefits you'll experience with SkilSure

Save Money
Capture Evidence
Make Plans
Increase Retention
Save on Transport
Upload anywhere, anytime
Help your learners succeed
Rest easy, your data is safe

About SkilSure

20 years in the making

20 years of continuous development lies behind the SkilSure e-portfolio. Feedback and user input has driven SkilSure to be simply the most powerful and fully featured solution available. Our commitment to innovation led to seamless incorporation of apprentice and internship standards for both corporations and regulated professional bodies. SkilSure's e-portfolio is a perfect fit for those who wish to automate learning and competency tracking for line managers, learners, assessors, quality assurance personnel and others. Best of all, every stream of a learner's progress is viewable on a single screen.


Standard Reports

Many useful standard reports (reporting real time data).

User-friendly graphical reports on learner/candidate activity and progress.

Detailed reporting in real time on learner/candidate progress (select up to 15 data-points from a relational database).

Custom reporting available (extra cost item).